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hillton thinks he can sub lease the stadium to himself so swann cant lock the gates. we should know this time next week if that is the case shouldn’t we? we are now in the realms of playing dirty. my guess is i was right all along, deal is off as i said months ago and best we can hope for is ground share with gainsboro if they agree. but with swanns old friend pete wallice in charge as of last week they may well tell us to get rodded. next best option? ilkeston? does bottesford new stadium meet the nln regulations?
the ones bleating about hillton saving the club well let me say thi., he may well have in jan but its not cut and dry that the national league will let us start the season that is the facts of the matter!

I don’t agree or disagree with anything you say.sitting on the fence you may say.

One thing I will say is trinity won’t tell us to get “rodded”and would be open to the proposals but no contact has took place as of yet.
Told this personally by one of the new owners I’m good friends with.
They need finances as much as we do after been left in a less than pleasant state by the previous owner despite what people think.

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