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A few forum members who joined recently are attempting to sow the seeds of doubt. The trouble is that we are in a better place since Hilton purchased our club. He pulled us out of the deep doo doo, then payed off our debt with the tax man. We now have to look to the future, now that we have one, and give the man a chance to build success. I will now ignore conspiracy theorists on here. At the end of the day, Swann is gone, things will only get better.


Yep pretty much how i see it .. Hilts has done no harm n saved the club and paid the debts .. see where things go from here .. or May 24 should i say.

Defo a few renegade characters joining the forum lately their motives true or shady all easy peasy taken n with a pinch of salt at my end ..too easy to sort the wheat from the chavs as my old gran used to say.

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