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Do you agree next season will be a proper yardstick of the new owner and manager, as Peter Levy says ad nauseum on his Look North interviews it’s just a yes or no question?

No so much of a yardstick as a metre rule. It’s a completely different league with a number of part time teams.

Both owner and manager has been found to be out of their depth in this league.

Not certain that NL(N) we be a paddling pool!

So do you mean NI that if we do well next year and get promoted, Dean and Hilton won’t have proved anything until they manage to stay up in the National League the season after. Well if that’s your logic fine.

The logic (not that logic applies where football is concerned) is this.

As myself and others have eluded to, our club under it’s new ownership and management has not reacted to the challenge of getting out of the relegation zone in the same way sides around us have, notably Gateshead and Torquay, but also the likes of Dorking and Oldham.

That’s a fact, we’re gonners!

My own personal opinion (though I doubt I’m alone) is that our new incumbents have found the National League a bit of a bridge too far as their previous experience was someway further down the league pyramid.

Sorry, but you cannot big up successes at Ilkeston and Peterborough Sports and contrast them with failures at L1, L2 and NL levels. Winning the Southern League Div 1 Central does not prepare you for the challenge of the EFL. I have nothing against Dean or Hilton and am sure that they are genuine guys wanting to do the best for SUFC.

BUT! At this moment in time it is my opinion that they do not as yet possess the expertise required to do anything with our rag-tag bunch of no-hopers.

Can they turn it around in a lower division? Possibly! But NL(N) is still a step up from where both manager and chairman have been for the previous few years.

I remain pessimistic about our future (but that’s just me) and have grave concerns about whether or not we can bring in the calibre of players to turn our fortunes around.

But to answer the question, no I would say promotion from the NL(N) would prove they do have the ability. We know from this season what is needed to boss the NL.

This thread btw is becoming toxic, and there have been a number of complaints lodged regarding bad language and abuse. No need for it guys so please think before posting.

Ilkeston Town may well be a shining example of a well run part time outfit, but we are not them we are Scunthorpe United. Comparison is nothing but a red herring. We have to forge our own identity and hopefully this is what Mr Hilton will strive to do once the takeover is finalised next month.


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