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It is not Hilton’s choice to not take credit cards. It has been forced on the club and several other clubs and is well documented.

he should have paid the bond !!
he should have paid phone bill
he should have paid the pension contributions
he should have paid the accountants
he isn’t Mates with Alan Hardy !!
If he pays swann ill bare my arse in costa coffee window at first game next season

Didnt Mr Hilton confirm he already had the funds to pay Swan fro GP during the recent podcast ?? nothing to worry about then

With regard to your last point .. insider .. no photos it didnt happen so we will be expecting a nice crisp clean clear image of a freshly debugged shaven zit free rear end, not something lacking general hygiene and resembling the surface of the moon …plan ahead and prepare such is my confidence DH will rock up with the wonga.