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Gateshead beating Eastleigh away 5-2 and now in 14th on 52 points ..they are on fire and playing great football.. Torguay winning 4 on the bounce giving themselves a fighting chance of survival at the expense of Scunnys opponents today Aldershot…Oldham were deep in the relegation mix as were Dorking and York…now all in the clear.

My point being at no point what so ever did i get the slightest feeling or optimism that the Iron had a run of winning games in them .. henceforth i think i like many other fans pretty much knew and excepted it wasnt gonna end well regardless of the take over and signings… YES we all kept seeing the MUST WIN games drift by without a win and hoped again after the Wealdstone result..
IMO this was down to a few factors the main one being the seemingly negative mentality of the players and some strange tactical decisions by the manager.

I really hope as commented by Stu on the IRON WORLD yt channel that the fans keep the faith and get behind the new owner and club with decent attendances and away support as both will give a boost to the players…
How long JD will be manager depends purely on the results first third of the NLN season , bearing in mind we will be operating on a full time basis and being arguably the biggest club in the league anything less than top few places should see JD gone , Scunny fans should not have to suffer yet another mediocre mid table position and call that ok or a success .. and if god forbid at the bottom might as well bin the lot n grow potatoes on the GP pitch.

Looking forward trying to remain positive ..the retained list will be interesting and hopefully very short after all the loan spongers have departed ..i find JD comments that some are playing for deals a tad strange .. WTF surely after circa 17 games he should know already who should remain both on mindset and ability ..time will tell.