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I accept what you say Morthumbiron, and credit to gateshead.
However they did not have a player embargo or the threat of closure to contend with, so it would be easier to attract players (decent players) than to Scunthorpe with all its troubles and recent well known declin.
I was at the Solihull game and you were the better side, it knocked the stuffing out of the team when the goalie dropped his clanger (in fairness to him he had just made a world class save earlier, I am still trying to work out how you lost that game.. heads dropped and never raised again and with all the negativity the players and there families must read I think they gave up on performing a miracle.
At that game I met and talked to quite a few fans, they were brilliant, really good away support for an evening match, the biggest asset Scunthorpe have is their fanbase, the majority are behind the club… the problem being on these forums is majorities tend tend to be silent..and minorities very loud!