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Welcome back Patrick .. after all the years of doom n gloom you will obviously have some in the fan base that are of cup half empty mentality… i dont see much trolling here but lots of massively differing opinions, sadness and concern.

For my part ..
Im firstly hugely relieved we still have a club ..thanks to DH

I am very positive re DH and his actions as it seems he will listen to the fans (re not moving training to Ilk was quite a big issue within the fan base) , something thats not happened for years.

You are correct he was in between a rock n a hard place when deciding to sign all the players (TOO MANY) in a gamble to stay up ..sadly a gamble he /we lost… if he had done nothing he would have been slagged off but IMO i think many of the signings were rushed and just too many came in which just produced a melting pot of unknown talent and loanees who deep down dont care hence very difficult to gel in any sort of quick time frame.

We are down NLN it is ..this was very likely before DH arrived on the scene hopefully this is rock bottom.

I too like you think things will come good with DH at the helm .. however im not going to say it will be with JD as long term manager if results dont happen within the first third of next season.. hindsight is a wonderful thing and if fans can see some issues with JD im sure DH can see them too but JD should be given his chance with his own players not the jumbled bunch of pick n mix hes been working with to date.
You obviously know DH quite well , i like the sound of the fella and i get the impression hes not fussed about making hard decisions including where necessary sacking who ever needs removing from the club.

I hope the retained list is short Chappo n Elliot should be kept …after that its over to you Jimmy lad do yer best and prove those fans who are worried about you wrong .. i am on the fence with regard to JD i like somethings some stuff i dont so lets just see how it all pans out

Talk of Nelson, yes he seemed to be getting a bit more from the same group than previous managers had but the bar was low with Cox n Hill being total disasters.. maybe in hindsight DH could of saved a few bob and kept him but lets not forget he is still there and seems to be on JDs shoulder on the touchline so his input is still there , we will never know how thing would have worked out and thats the past .. the future is hopefully bright with DH … personally im overjoyed we still have a future.