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Chapman, Beestin and Bunker were missed but I argue that Dean’s fascination with playing a formation which seemingly doesn’t suit the players and continual poor substitutions were more damaging.

Nelson was getting a tune out of the players and we were 5 points from safety, how is that already relegated ?. I laugh whenever I see supposed fans use that as an excuse for why Dean has failed miserably.

Where Hilton is concerned I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt because as it stands we wouldn’t have a club without him so I’m more than grateful. I will be waiting to see if the sale of the club fully goes through by 24th May because if it doesn’t the jury will well and truly be out.

If Hilton get’s all of it purchased by then It will settle all of us down and we can truly start to move forward as a club but before that happens I’ll remain sceptical. The club fully changing over to Hilton is the sticking point because if that doesn’t happen for whatever happens, Mr Hilton will be met with a tidal wave of scepticism and rightly so.