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What happens on this site are certain usual suspects are all over Iron bru when things are looking dire. Come the good or more optimistic times they disappear. They don’t post ‘excited’ thoughts,but words of caution and pessimism. Two different extremes as you say- I lean more towards the optimistic angle. Everyone to their own,Deeryme66.

Which is fine, but there comes a time when such optimism is misplaced and can cause glib dismissals of genuine concerns. I get that some people lean towards the negative too soon, as was seen last week with some (and I by no means everyone who aired anything not totally positive) disparaging Hilton and Dean. However, some turned a blind eye to Swann for too long, after it was obvious he was no longer interested and harming the club, going so far as to blame fans for the tough times. Others made unfounded accusations that any criticism of Swann must have been because of jealousy and hatred for his wealth.

Trying to find a measured and balanced standpoint can be hard for everyone, and we can all lean one way harder than the other, without consideration of what might contradict our impulsive thoughts. I am no less prone to this than others, I am sure. However, it’s not just the overly negative critics who present this bias, as was shown with the Swann mess and some sticking their heads in the sand for too long.

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