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Er,if you didn’t exactly say ‘sue’ you certainly intimated it which made me second guess if what I said was libellous for some time, even though it wasn’t, as I had it checked out by a legal friend. Anyhow, in the past now, I’ve made my point. Looks like you’re still not wary of what you’re saying about him yourself.

Regarding the new owner – I don’t know what your problem is. Of course the vast majority support him and a few people have some reservations. So what? I’m not talking about my opinion, but the opinion of others and their right to express them, in a good mannered way without abuse. You and a few others on here could learn a lot from how they post constructively. If you want 100% support with zero criticism you’d be better suited to Russia or North Korea. The ‘witch is dead’, let’s not try and find new witches that don’t exist amongst our own fan base eh?