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It isn’t personal, Siderite. All of this is just so symptomatic of the daft stuff now being hurled around the media, much of which has made its way to the public sector and corporate world, with so-called “purpose”; and the Beeb has taken this to a new level. I caught the final few minutes of ‘Newsnight’ last night and couldn’t believe the appalling standard of journalism around a discussion on the sugar tax, attempting to make a story where there wasn’t one. It really was atrocious. What’s happened to the John Tusas of this world, who once made this the best news programme on TV?

For clarification, the point I make when referring to “what about Labour” is not to defend anyone in the Conservative party, which is what your comment was implying. It’s simply to counter the massive left-wing bias on this board, typified by the nonsensical way that 64/Fans or whatever he’s calling himself these days posts anything and everything about the Tories.

That’s it. No more, no less; and when I say I’m not defending Zawahi, surprisingly enough it’s because I’m not defending him. Quite why this needs to be pointed out is beyond me, but apparently I’m attempting to ‘deflect’ or deliberately ‘not criticise’ him. This is complete rubbish. It seems that common sense has gone out of the window.

If TW believes I’m attempting to be superior, I’ll take it as a compliment. If only I was that clever, which I know that I’m not.