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I’m certainly not defending him.

As for “what about Labour”, Siderite, you’re completely missing the point. It has nothing at all to do with being an ‘apologist’. The plain truth is that politicians in all parties do shady things. The idea that Labour politicians are better is nonsense, just as it’s nonsense to claim that socialists are the only ones who want a “better world”.

I’m quite sure that when Starmer becomes PM all sorts of stuff will come out of the Labour woodwork.

Whataboutery is a known logical fallacy, so I am not missing the point, nor am I saying it’s only from Tories. The point you gleefully miss (unsurpisingly, as you have all the self-awareness and critique of a goldfish), is that all accusations of what about Labour do nothing to address the problems at hand.

For example, at the weekend some transactivists in Glasgow had placards threatening violence against women (“I eat TERFs” “Decapitate TERFS”). Nicola Sturgeon condemned the ‘violence on both sides’ in response. Yet there are no both sides in this instance, just as there is no both sides to the corruption of Zahawi. Pointing out hypothetical problems on another side does nothing to justify problems on your own and those using it do so to deflect from their own problems.

Just look at Labour anti-Semitism. It was ludicrous that Corbyn and his supporters deflected by saying “what about Tory Islamophobia?” None of that justified Labour anti-Semitism, yet according to the Bucks theory of debating this is some killer point. It isn’t, and those using it always look like apologists for their own side’s misgivings. Don’t like that? Tough, I am not obliged to think a common debating style you use is good, and many people do use it in the same manner to deflect and distract.

I have never said Labour politicians are inherently better or only after a better world. If you bothered to read my response to 64 you would see I disagreed with that point. However, that doesn’t suit your agenda as to how everyone on here is averse to criticising Labour and thinking we’re above everyone else (which is ironic). Some Labour are better than Tory, some Tory are better than Labour. Obviously I lean more to Labour thinking, so have more of a positive mindset towards Labour MP ideas. However, this does not make me ‘dubious’. It’s politically correct drivel to have to both sides everything and pretend we have an equal opinion of both.

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