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JI – I’d suggest you have a lot of unresolved, personal issues which your faith helps you to deal with.

And that’s fine. But you also see disagreement over religious views on a lowly football website as a threat to your identity and self-esteem, which is typical of those needing professional help.

Alas, your comments on here also suggest a number of bigoted, prejudiced opinions on women’s rights, racism, homophobia and websites preaching hate, in a perverse interpretation of Christianity.

So, don’t be surprised when others spot all this and can’t be bothered to reply, any more than they would to an abusive drunk shouting at the South Yorks. Stagecoach.

An objective truth is this: many on here are atheists. We recognise some folk need religion in their lives, but resent the fundamentalist preaching, especially of hate, to stoke a culture war against some of the most marginalised in society. Just get over it, JI.