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Glanford park cost 2.5 million pounds to build 64 but don’t let the truth get in the way.

2.5m from Safeways and 2.1 to build GP isn’t it?

As a Southend fan I sympathise with your situation, we face a winding up order on the 18th, it’s close to our 20th winding up order, (still unbeaten vs HMRC), as long as the HMRC have a reasonable expectation to get paid in full they will adjourn.

If however they have no realistic expectation to recover the debt they may be more aggressive.

This winding up order will put you under an embargo in this league, hopefully your takeover can go through and you can clear the debt.

You lads have a season ticket for the Courts don’t you… intial thought was we will find the money and shuffle on but i don’t see where we find the rumoured 600k from.

Swann will let this club go under, just as I said and then He’ll still have the land and the assets to sell on. I see the offer, presumably by the Scunthorpe based consortium has been turned down already. The offer was only put it on Monday morning.

The way Swann’s playing hardball I’m not convinced he’s ever going to sell the club.

Heard that myself. Clinging on by the fingernails.

No embargo in the restaurant for Saturday.

Wheels are coming off of the wagon faster than a Ferrari pit stop – yet the restaurant are still peddling their fodder on Twitter

Radio Silence on THE big story

“With a choice of minted lamb pie, pork stroganoff or mushroom stroganoff (v) as the main course” – Twitter.

PMSL, i wish we were as minted as the pie!