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You misunderstand me. I do not think all the problems lie on one side of the divide. I am not keen on the Squad and many like them, who also worry me. I am not keen on some of the identity politics stuff. However, they are not at the moment in complete control. The problem is that the intolerant and rigid fundamentalists are in power within the Republicans. Therefore, they are currently the greater threat to democracy.

The problem when you ‘both sides’ it is that we’re left with comparing smaller fry like Clinton’s emails and Trump abusing all powers and privileges and him, with many others, trying to overturn election results based on nothing. Clinton made silly comments about not conceding, but did, which is far less than what the Republicans did. Yet we’re supposed to see an equivalence? I don’t think so.

Ultimately I do not think it’s healthy for the USA to be so polarised, but a large chunk of that issue comes from the fact that so many Republicans have gone into conspiracies (more and more anti-Semitic too, par the course for conspiracies) and rigid authoritarian thinking, where they want it all their own way. I do not know how I am supposed to react but disdain. Sure, I agree with trying to win people over, but nodding along with what passes as mainstream Republican ideology these days? Not a chance and that shouldn’t be pandered to. Many would only accept pandering to.