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Part 1 , Shut down the coal mines,pretending it’s about coal being dirty and a fuel of the past,(recent events show that was bs)

The unions shot themselves in the foot. As is now happening with the railways, if an industry can’t be run efficiently then it will price itself out of the market. This is what happens when you weaponise the workers for political reasons and it’s one reason why socialism never works. If an industry can’t create a profit then it will die in any political system. Whether you like it or not this is just a simple economic fact, again, regardless of the political system.

As for what’s happening now, you couldn’t make it up. As a result of net zero targets more coal is being burned than ever, despite it being a very dirty fuel.

Part 2,a consequence of the above was to make energy companies more needed therefore more attractive to the markets.

Large amounts of energy will always be needed in any decent society. What’s more this energy has to be affordable, reliable and secure. The unions ensured that coal was neither affordable nor reliable. Had they worked with the politicians the mines could have been kept open and prospered, but the politics ensured this couldn’t happen.

Part 3 sell of energy companies,tell it’s good because it will create a market and competion to drive down prices.

Free market competition is by far the best way to ensure prices remain as low as possible. What people fail to appreciate is the vast amounts of money required to invest in energy, from source to supply. Why would any energy company invest in the future when it’s told by government that it has no future.

Part 4 set up a quango to protect prices and profits,call it a watchdog.

Come up with a crazy scheme called net zero, which means existing energy companies have no future. At the same time plough trillions of tax-payers’ money into incredibly inefficient, unreliable and insecure systems, which takes us back to where we started from.

If renewable energy was so cheap then market forces would have taken it up a long time ago. It isn’t and they didn’t. Now it’s being forced on people by ideologs and politicians, with the only thing that will ever achieve net zero being the understanding of the engineering and economics behind such hare-brained and nonsensical schemes.