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Gurnelista – “ So why do so many of them support the death penalty?”
Gurnelista always gives the impression of refuting an argument with a “strawman “ post.
The answer to THIS question is that God ( who has reaveled His prescriptive will in the “ God breathed” inspired,inerrrant and sufficient Scriptures) is a JUST GOD.
His message to all people hostile to His word is repent and put your trust in Jesus Christ. God is rich in Mercy. Life does have meaning ,purpose and value.Merry Christmas on a day of celebration tomorrow.

It’s not God carrying out the Death penalty, for one, it’s mankind. Often innocent men and women get killed, which isn’t just.

Secondly, the way you view your god is similar to how many dictators think of themselves. You often talk about how we must all borrow our values from Christianity, but I have no moral value of the death penalty. There are better ways to deal with the worst criminals.