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I think your wording to his last response proved his point, Bucks. ;-)

We’re all aware of Tory excuses. We have had so many excuses as to why none of these improvements of living can happen. If it wasn’t for the 2008 financial crisis, Brexit preparations, getting a Brexit deal, the pandemic, Ukraine, net zero, the need for austerity to run its course etc we could have given the nurses a pay rise. There’s always an excuse, it’s never the fault of this Tory government; everyone else is to blame, including those of us on here far poorer and without influence than yourself. It doesn’t wash any more; the conditions for many in the public sector, from healthcare to the justice system have been strained for 12 years and the workers complaining. Yeah, I am sure the Tories would have really given a pay rise if it wasn’t for net zero. I was definitely born yesterday. :-)

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