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“As for “capitalism is the only way”, although far from perfect there’s no question that open markets are far more efficient, as the Chinese have demonstrated in recent decades after millions died of starvation under Mao.”

Aye and now many more are being kept in a police state with harsh punishment for dissent. An entire ethnicity is facing extermination through concentration camps, forced sterilisation and death.

I am not disagreeing with your argument that capitalism is the only functioning system we have. I don’t disagree, but place more focus on a welfare system than you and Tories, and would point to the last 12 years of hardship as to why we need such. For all their excuses, and avoidance of accountability, this lies on the Tories. However, I am reluctant to credit a dysfunctional, Orwellian state of terror just because it’s had an economic boom since throwing off the worst of Mao.