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Hi all. Walsall fan here.

Interested to hear your thoughts on Tuesday night. I’m going for some bizarre reason.

I’d also check out our managers post match comments from Saturday where he stated ‘we aren’t in a relegation battle’ – which is one of the strangest things I’ve ever heard.

We have a few decent players, but a completely imbalanced squad. Morale is very low.

Our press and fans are suggesting Taylor might be sacked if we don’t beat you, with even a draw deemed not good enough.

Thoughts ?

Two terrible sides and a must win for both .. if you loose against us im sure Taylor will get the boot.

Im going for a draw which in reality isnt much good for either side though it may keep Taylor safe another week.

I follow Walsall fan TV and the very loyal and passionate Simon …. even he looks worried and is very depressed by the current Saddlers situation.

Camorn Scunny show some fight and lets have a win