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I always backed Swann but have no problem accepting that I was wrong. Well done, alcazar, you were right.

In my defence I still can’t understand how anyone running a business, which is what a football club is at the end of the day, can get it so wrong. Yes, people running businesses make mistakes all the time but Swann’s taken this to another level with SUFC. If this is how he runs his other companies then I can’t see any of them surviving. There’s no doubt that covid will have played a part but using this as an excuse is pathetic.

You’re a clown, Mr Swann, but unlike most clowns your act isn’t funny. Oh, and for the record, that’s my opinion so no need to get in touch with your lawyers. I backed you because many of your ideas made a lot of sense, but given where we now it’s very clear you couldn’t put these ideas into practice.

I feel for all the supporters — you’ve let every single one of us down very badly; and don’t underestimate what this means to people. I’ve never been able to explain to anyone who isn’t a football supporters just how painful it can be to see your club in trouble. Right now I’m feeling a lot of pain as will be every Iron fan up and down the country and across the globe — yes, there are a few overseas as well.

So, please don’t think this doesn’t matter. It actually matters a lot and to far more people than you might realise. We won’t forget. Ever.