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Thought Nutall held it up pretty well and showed good strength first half, fitness went second half and was deservedly subbed. We all see players different, I thought Grant looked good particularly first half my mate in the opposite stand thought he was poor. I thought Millen was shite, passed it poorly, took a stupid quick free kick which was way too long and went to nobody but their keeper, my mate thought he did ok. I thought Beestin was still not fully fit and was booked as a result because he couldn’t catch their lad in midfield who was breaking through so fouled him, my mate thought he was our best player. We all see players in a different light plus the opposite stand see things we in the east stand don’t and visa versa. Either way we both agreed that we were shite second half and Oldham deservedly won with their second half performance plus their fans were outstanding for the whole game. Well done Oldham fans you backed your team from start to finish brilliantly but your still going down because like us your team isn’t good enough for league two.

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