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The worse times were not under Don Rowing, Siderite. The club had a good structure then and also a good Chairman who knew what he was doing. Everyone who worked for the club went home knowing they had done a good hard day’s work and very often stayed over not on pay but because they loved Scunthorpe United and valued supporters. Don Rowing was a good Chief Executive with a good General Manager David Beeby. The commercial department worked very hard with and in the local community. It’s the old saying that you don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone. Fans were much more appreciated and given much better facilities and treatment to how it is now, they were made to feel valued. It was more like a family club. Opening hours were good in the office and the shop compared to now where everything has been cut to the bare bones. Things fans enjoyed have been taken away, being able to buy a programme, a working scoreboard, told you can’t take your own food or drinks into the ground and then catering prices increased at the same time, etc. The supporters have been alienated and without supporters there will be no Club. This is going to take a heck of a lot of rebuilding fans trust and commitment.

Not really the focus of my comment. :-)