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People use to complain about the marketing pre Swann and they will complain about marketing post Swann.

Twitter has 69k followers, Insta 38k followers and Facbook 82k followers. I think it’s pretty safe to say unless you live under a rock people are aware of SUFC news through these outlets.

People like you ALWAYS find someone/something to moan about. It’s a fact of life.

True to an extent about the moaning but justified to a large extent to. So what if those social media platforms have those figures? How many are active users and how many stay aways use those platforms? Even if they do use them, social media isn’t enough on it’s own. Anyone with a basic understanding of marketing knows that. The audience needs to get the message in various ways to act. You might actually connect better yourself UTI99 if your posts weren’t so antagonist.

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