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Well Hallam came on yesterday with no Beestin getting a look in and Perry played ahead of Beestin, despite not playing a 1st team match in 6 weeks so no way he could have been fit.

Would Perry have been more match fit than Beestin ?

I find it odd how he’s our best CM player who happens to be the only one who’s capable of breaking forward to help the forward players out and doesn’t even get any minutes.

You surely would have thought where we are as a club that he’d be one of the 1st names on the teamsheet which leads me to think that either something has happened behind the scenes or another club is maybe interested in him and Swann wants to cash in.

What other reason would there be ?

If perry can start with not having action for 6 weeks, how can he be deemed match fit enough to not only get minutes but start and yet Beestin somehow isn’t deemed fit enough ?

If Beestin was so unfit he wouldn’t be on the bench would he ?

I find it all a bit odd.

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