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…. threads attacking individuals whose opinions the mods don’t like have been allowed to stay, even when these have made the ultimate highly offensive comparison to Hitler. I know because Gurnelista made such a comment about me, along with many other highly offensive comments including references to mental illness.

… There’s also a widely held view around social media that anyone who makes the Hitler/Nazi comment has lost the argument, often referred to as Godwin’s law.

Nah, you’re twisting things round in your usual manner BI.

First, Godwin:

That comment about somehow losing an argument when the comparison with Hitler comes up, was made in the Conservative fanzine the Daily Torygraph, 13 years ago. Unsuprisingly, it’s not so, and never has been, especially as Godwin himself has endorses the view that Trump is comparable to a Nazi. In fact I told you this ages ago….

As for comparison with National Socialists, I don’t think that was Gurn, but you’d struggle to deny your posts contain a lot of characteristic narcissism. Is that a mental illness? If it causes you problems, then certainly. In fact your post here displays classic narcissistic victim syndrome, as it twists reality to manipulate / gaslight others into thinking ‘poor old BI’. We can almost hear the violins!

So, case proven, I think.