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The fact that the colours faded out should have been a clue.

The colours reflected in the empty seats in the stands!

How on earth can SWANN expect fans to vote now on next seasons kits. What a cheek when we’re only just over half-way through this season. Another ploy to try and take the heat out of our present plight caused purely by HIMSELF and take the heat off HIMSELF. I’m sure most fans would agree SWANN needs to be focusing on the current debacle our Club is in and GET THE EFL LOAN PAID OFF AND GET SOME EXPERIENCED HALF-DECENT PLAYERS IN TO AT LEAST GIVE IT A GO AT KEEPING US IN THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE. I’m sure too that most fans would say never mind the kits focus on the job in hand.

I’m all for giving Swann the criticism he deserves but engaging with fans on the choice of kits does not seem to be grounds for a virtual kicking. Given the lead times involved with these things, a new design in January sounds about right. Especially given the delays we’ve had in getting the kits in the shop in recent seasons.

Of course, there’s always the question of why clubs have to change kits every season but I think most of us would be happy to see the back of our current abomination.

Yes. One would think that the club should be able to multitask. The club should be able to run this poll and make an effort to stay in the league. You could say they’re failing in the latter, and I would agree, but this shirt poll doesn’t take away much time for it to be an issue.