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That’s the kind of natural ability he’s always had, which is all the more confusing when we’re so low on numbers and especially attacking quality.

No doubt certain fans will scoff at the level but it still takes confidence and composure to show that attacking intent/flair…something we really lack.

I still don’t know why no managers seem to not want to bother with him. Only think I can think of is a potentially questionable attitude because other than that, can’t see why he doesn’t play.

I hope Hill doesn’t go fully in the working like a trojan direction and doesn’t fail to acknowledge they actually need to be able to play football a bit as well.

Perry has been fit for weeks but can’t seem to get a look in now. I get defensively he’s a bit lax at times but I thought he looked best when he played in the no 10 role which freed him up for his passing ability, but as I said above he’s been forgotten about.

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