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Watched ironarmy vlog .. massive shout out to the fans that went to Tranmere and sang their hearts out.

Call it my observation or opinion but looking at the overall current state of things below..

A very young un experienced squad that simply isnt good enough.

An un interested self centered chairman who refused to get rid of an obvious useless manager sooner rather than it was too late

Loft leaving was a dead cert …but not having a replacement is unacceptable.

Hill may walk .. he has managed to get a semi shine on this turd but its full gloss polish we need and a miracle, if Swann doesnt assist during the transfer window expect Hill to say im orf.

Projected points tallies being pure speculation and cant see us reaching anywhere near a total to stay up

I can only see this ending badly and lets not fool ourselves life in the NL is tough and not a given we wont drop further (Southend are struggling) … being a loyal fan i will follow Scunny til the day i die regardless what level they play … alas my main worry is going out of business totally ALA Bury etc and the club being lost forever.


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