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That I think is the key.

Whether you rated him or not, letting Loft go tells you everything you need to know.

Anything not nailed down and worth more than a tenner gets sold – so the only striker we have with any sort of experience leaves the building without an experienced replacement coming in. All we get is another cheap short term loan.

As I say, whether he’s a long term loss is irrelevant.

His performances last season were materiel in keeping us up and if you have any intention of trying to stay up this season you aren’t parting company with one of the very few sources of goals you actually have unless you are looking to trade up.

All this nonsense about him leaving on a free in the summer is rubbish as well.

Relegation will come at a much greater price than the £50k or whatever they chiselled out of Rovers and everyone knows it, or at least should do.

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