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We’re a long way off the bottom of the curve yet.

This is the weakest side I can remember, and I go back nearly 50 years.

The last time we finished in the bottom 2, back in 81/82 – there were players in that side – such as Andy Keeley, Bob Oates, Cammack, Neenan etc who would absolutely walk into the current side.

Anyone who thinks the National League is as low as we’ll go is in for a rude awakening as well even if we survive as a football club – this lot would be bottom 6 in that league as well.

For that, Swann has to take full credit. We are being penalised for his profligate and ultimately fruitless early spending.

Bad decision has followed bad decision – whining excuse has followed whining excuse – and everyone will surely agree that the numerous statements he’s made over the years as to the future of the club and the ground have not been borne out in truth.

Had he any intention of trying to repair the damage he’s inflicted the loan would have been paid off and there would have been early incomings.

The departure of Loft and the arrival of a replacement with no league experience tells you all you need to know.

We’re off down without a shadow of a doubt and Swann takes full blame – not Covid, not the supporters, not bad luck, not the players, not the plethora of ex managers – just Swann.

I’d have more time for him if he owned up to his failed stewardship of the club and owned his mistakes rather then blaming the world and his wife for his own miserable shortcomings.