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Pugh’s not the greatest player in the world but covers a lot of ground and get’s the tackles in

Same summary as Oldham game:-
Runs around a lot
Can’t shoot
Can’t pass
No point winning tackles if you give the ball away again.
IMO he’s filling the space that should be filled by a creative midfielder.

Maybe try Beestin for Pugh then as he offers a bit more composure in there.

Beestin, Hippolyte, Hackney and leave Rowe sitting ?

If that Blackburn lad is coming in on loan, which looks like that’s the case, we still need another striker to line up along side him in place of Loft.

Another CB and a more creative CM wouldn’t go amiss either.

O’neil has gone on loan. Get Turan out on loan.

Not sure what’s going on with Hallam. Will he even be fit enough to start games in the future ?

Hallam could be the more creative midfielder we need but question is always fitness with him.