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Send Wood back. Hallam is fit so maybe a non league club will take him on loan. I’d personally keep Hackney but with his loan coming to an end, not so sure.

Bilson is here till the end of the season and I wouldn’t cut it short as apart from Watson, we have no good back up.

1 CB and 1 RB on loan as were still a bit lacking at the back and Davis is held together with duct tape. Rowe looks better in DCM than he did at RB and CB.

Perry has too much ability to let go. Perry is as weak as urine but if he strengthens like KVV did in the gym, bulks out and get’s Hill type match fit…you won’t find a better passer in the whole league I wouldn’t think.

Providing we can loan out Hallam and send Wood back, I’d loan a more attacking/creative CM player.

Loan O’Neil, Turan, Jessop to non league and get 2 strikers in to go with Bunn, Scrimshaw and Loft. I think we’ll be alright then.

Jarvis I don’t personally rate but he’ll be needed if Bunn picks up another injury. I’d maybe keep him around in the background.