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If things carry on as they are there is no way Mr Swann will pay off the loan as we have had no income in December at all and who knows how long this will keep happening, the loans returning all depends on the clubs for the season long loans players I hope we can get the outcome on them as below.

Hackney: is a must extend for me, but Middlesbrough might have other plans which would be a blow.

Wood: is obviously not needed or even in Mr Hill plans, Hull City will not be happy and you would think will look to send him somewhere else.

Billson: I would look to try and keep as we only have youth team back up with no experience at all, the league probably won’t sanction an emergency loans in the current circumstances when all Registered players are now to be considered for match day squads to get games played.

Scrimshaw: I would keep even if Loft goes and someone else comes in, he works hard and gives us a fresh legs in games if needed but think he will return to Bournemouth as he appears to be out of favour.

Of the contracted players

Donwald-Turan: appears to have no future at the club! But after seeing what Mr Hill as done with Hippolyte maybe there is a chance but can’t see it.

Perry: will be back up to the regular midfield but needs to get stronger on the ball IMO

O’Neill : is another that appears to have no future at the club and will probably be sent on loan or just not play.

This my thoughts but this is football so I will probably be miles off
What will actually happen.

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