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Bunn against Oldham is exactly what we’ve been missing. Looked a cut above this level, if he can stay fit, he could quite easily be that clever, creative link up man we’ve been looking for.

If we can get O’neil, Turan , Jessop and Jarvis out on loan and get 2 new strikers in to compete with Bunn, Loft and Scrimshaw we’ll be a lot better for it.

Another surprise was Green at RB. If somebody was to tell me Green would play RB and play as well as he did, I thought you were insane.

Tell you what though, he definitely offers a threat down that side. It can’t be good for Millen though, he could have played but went for Green ahead of him.

Rowe’s looking good as well in that defensive midfield role. Hill’s playing people out of position but they all seem to pay off.