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Give me a example of ANY year where common cold deaths are anywhere close to Covid levels. Selfish attitude IMO, thankful that we’ll never meet. Open your eyes to what’s happening in the real world rather than just your house.

Im on about the new moronic variant.
And if you confuse death figures by including first off those who died WITH covid alongside those who died OF covid, then confuse things further by insisting that anyone who dies of anything including road traffic accidents, within 28 days of a positive test, be recorded as a covid death, what do you expect from the more intelligent of us except scepticism?

Open YOUR eyes.

And your comment about never meeting? Is that a threat?

You forgot to give any year where common cold deaths exceeded Covid.
How can “thankful we’ll never meet” be regarded as a threat? To me you’re a Covid risk, I have no desire to be near you. Is ignoring factual evidence a sign of intelligence then? That’s an interesting stance.

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