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How can the club (chairman) not give a player a game because he might get injured?

How did it happen with Joey Dawson ?.

Don’t you find it odd that Wilson genuinely has a massive amount of ability, often looks the best player on the pitch at youth/reserve level and yet never features ?

This is the same player that was the shining light in pre season and still never gets game time.

Cox was asked why he wasn’t getting game time and he gave an excuse claiming he didn’t want him to suffer burn he’d supposedly rather not play him at all to prevent burnout as apposed to playing him and simply resting him in between games.

Never heard so much shite in all my life. I’m sorry but not playing a youngster who can finish with both feet who has pace, trickery and a lot of ability over playing Jarvis/Loft is utter madness.

I find it hard to believe that both Cox and now Hill are both not playing him and it’s just a coincidence he’s been forgotten/not taken notice of by both is quite frankly unbelievable.

It’s either he’s a huge pain in the arse behind the scenes or it’s right what people are suggesting and clubs are looking at him and we potentially don’t want to risk not getting money for him.

I genuinely don’t understand it…to me it’s lunacy. I suspect something is going on behind the scenes because even in non meaningful cup games he wasn’t even getting game time.

This smacks of the Joey Dawson situation. Dawson was taking the piss at youth/reserve level and was the forgotten man.

fast forward months later, he went to Celtic. Keith Hill has eyes and he isn’t stupid, if he’s completely ignoring Wilson despite his talent, there has to be a very big reason.

Not even been dipped in and out, just completely cast aside. I’m not saying he’ll be the next Messi but for him to be ignored as he has, something is wrong somewhere.

Give Wilson a go or keep with Jarvis ?. I know which route I’d go down.