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There are more positive signs there. Kenyon filled me with dread when I first saw him pre injury but with more game time and fitness he’ll be alright.

Beestin needs to stay in. Pugh has good energy but lacks quality, I’d maybe go with Hackney there next to Beestin and Perry in my opinion needs to play further forward feeding the 2 strikers.

Scrimshaw, Perry, Beestin and O’Hara played well so there were positives but the 2 CB’s were awful and Loft was diabolical.

Loft needs to bench warm from now on until he starts pulling his finger out. I don’t rate Jarvis but least he puts the effort in.

It’s just a shame that O’Neil is as poor as he is because we could do with somebody else up there with Scrimshaw.

Would Jessop even be any worse than the way Loft and Jarvis are playing ?. I’m not so sure.

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