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Don’t forget Gandhi aka, Martin Carruthers. In his time here he was quality and Hayes.

Loft was absolutely dreadful tonight. The service at times was shocking but I’m not entirely sure his heart is in it anymore. Loft looked disappointed to come off but he needs to realise that he has to give more then not on the pitch for Hill to keep him on it.

Scrimshaw has his obvious limitations but he made the difference tonight. I’d start him and keep Jarvis up there. Jarvis is poor as well but least he puts the effort in.

Perry needs to start as well as an attacking midfielder so he can feed whoever is upfront. I do think there is definitely a player in there, he just needs games.

Pugh needs to stay in CM for his energy and Beestin did alright but he needs to get his fitness up though.

What worries me most is the 2 CB’S. Taft has been poor since he signed his perm deal. Onariase is a bit dodgy at times and Davies when he was playing was slow and ponderous.

Taft and Onariase at times tonight were all over the place. Taft had an absolute shocker. I hope O’Malley is back soon as well because he’s certainly better than Thompson.

If Taft keeps these performances going, he would be a likely candidate to move on in Jan if anybody wanted him. Taft looked a right player when he was on loan but since he’s got his contract he’s been subpar at best.

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