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LOL at the above.
There’s apologist, then there’s cloud cuckoo land.
Next time they come and camp on the land bordered by Doncaster Road, Collinson Avrnue and Berkeley Juniors, I’ll invite you to come and meet them.

This time they:
Left filth, refuse and debris it took NLC a fortnight to clean up…in hazmat suits.
Broke down most of the hundreds of young trees planted that Spring. Many won’t recover.
Paraded up and down local roads in the wee small hours shouting abuse and, “We’re back! F*ck all you can do! Can’t stop us! F*ck off!”
Terrorised local shopkeepers, arriving mob janded and stealing eith impunity.
Caused untold damage to local leisure facilities with their vehicles.
Went on a spree breaking into sheds, garages and outbuildings.

Local police would not attend…indeed, were frightened to come even when the council FINALLY managed to get an order for the pikeys to move on.

Three and a half weeks of misery for local residents.

So take your sycophant post and shove it.

I would imagine that they are not of Roma Gypsy stock, but what the Irish used to refer to as tinkers. I doubt that they go round sharpening things these days, as there is no call for it (everything disposable). Those who are forever camping on public land, such as school playing fields and parks, are not Roma and the Roma don’t like being lumped in with them.

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