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Maybe you should try and be a bit more even handed Deerey, and not have tunnel vision. Wanting someone to lose his livelihood and not thinking or caring about Cox’s recent bereavement, is hardly in order is it.

That’s just the spin you’re putting on it. Look, we all feel for what he’s gone through with his father. I wish him no ill will, same as other people on this forum.

What people will not put up with though is a substandard, inexperienced clueless manager. Nobody wishes Cox any pain and suffering, he’s had a go and it’s been proven he’s not good enough.

Simply down to Cox being employed in a position that he isn’t fit to till, end of story. Stop with the angle you’re coming at this from because it’s completely wrong.

Wanting somebody to move on from a managers job which he isn’t fit enough to fill doesn’t mean we all want Cox to suffer unimaginable pain or torment, it’s just a vast amount have come to the conclusion that we either move him on or go down to a league we’ll never get back out of.

This isn’t me being dramatic here..seriously if we go down with the financial situation we’re in as a club with Swannster at the helm, this club will be well and truly sunk for good.

That’s the harsh reality.

No forgone conclusion if we get an experienced manager in that we’ll survive but at least it will increase our chances. That’s all people can hope for.

Cox is a top man and done great things as a player at this club and he’s given it a go here as manager but he’s fell way short.

I wish him all the best…..fantastic former player but crap, clueless manager. Not nice to type but I’m just being honest.

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