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Watson 7. Couldn’t see any error on his part from the away end on either goal. His kicking suddenly went wayward in the fatal last 15 minutes giving Carlisle a string of throw ins.

Millen 6. Started brightly and got in some good crosses. Unsurprisingly he faded badly and ended up being treated for cramp. Correctly subbed for Rowe.

O’Malley 7. Two corners leading to two goals. Dangerous crosses and free kicks. Good to see him back.

Taft 6. Steady but pedestrian at times.

Onariase 7. Decent game capped with a goal. However I don’t think we’ve seen his last red card this season.

Beestin 5. Started brightly then he picked up a wrist injury and for some reason his game went all to pot. Poor decision making let Carlisle back in the game.

Wood 5. Largely anonymous.

Perry 7. Probably our best midfielder despite his forward passes finding touch as often as they found a man.

Hippolyte 4. Oh dear! The lad is a trier, but ball control and decision making are not his strengths.

Jarvis 7. Steve Torpey he isn’t, but he did okay. Would have done better with longer studs in his boots.

Scrimshaw 6. Lively but not much end product.

Subs: Rowe 6. Pugh 6. O’Neill N/A.

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