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IF (and a truly giant IF, I admit) the three CBs stay fit, the defence will be basically okay.
I confess to being a bit underwhelmed by Taft whose form does seem to have slipped since he arrived.
I do sometimes wonder, however, whether the extent of damage to players is jointly a confidence thing and the systems played.
The FB issues should, hopefully, soon be remedied.
Loft and Scrimshaw may well work to at least a reasonable extent.
We have decent enough midfielders and yet we always look as if the opposition is going to have either a field day or 60%+ possession – or maybe both.
Non-functioning midfields create unnecessary pressures on the defence and fail to supply chances to forwards. Familiar?
The biggest single problem we have is in the organisation and selection of our midfield.
Trying to to be a bit logical – I can’t see why this squad should not survive with a bit to spare.
One way or another, systems need to be better geared to the players we have.

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