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This week we spent a FULL DAY training specifically to counter one player and then stood and watched him tear us apart and score 2 goals.

It’s all well and good setting up to stop a player but when you choose to play a ball playing midfielder as a deep lying one to screen said player it all goes to shit anyway.

It appears they’ve thought ” right, that Jay is their best player who’s already scored in the last 3 games against us, let’s go out to nullify him, completely ignoring the fact we don’t have a fit defensive midfielder so just stuck Perry there in a desperate attempt to see their plan through.

If either of those two idiots had an ounce of sense they would have realised that having to play Perry in a completely different role which wouldn’t suit him just go down that route wouldn’t have been worth it.

Cox and Lillis should have known right from the off that it wasn’t even feasible to even considering doing that.

The pair of them have should have just played players where they should be played in a 4/4/2 and if we get beat then we get beat. You don’t field a baffling team as we did which was detrimental to ourselves just because you’re obsessed with what the other team offers.

I don’t understand those two at all. In fact, I don’t want to if that’s their thought process.

Absolutely stupid.

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