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Granted he’s only played in 1 game but he’s appears to want far too much time on ball and isn’t the biggest physically. Hackney should have come off at half time in all honesty, it was like playing with 9 men at times, never got into the game and didn’t offer much at all.

Blimey, it seems like only 4 or 5 days ago that you were telling me how good a player he was and how it made great sense to play him ahead of all of our own players. How times change.

“I suspect he’ll be a luxury player at this level. Hackney will probably end up being one of those types who would do well in top end league 1 and championship but seriously struggle at this kind of level.”

I never said he was a bad player at all hence why I have suspicions that he’d do well much higher up. I just have concerns that he may not adapt to this kind of level of football.

Nice to know you picked that section out without including the other part which fully explained my reasoning.

Nothing like a selective cut and past job ferrite.


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