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How many times did Devarn fail to take on a man to get in a cross or a run at goal?
Times-a-many, he would face a single defender. If he is as fast as we think – why not just push the ball past the man and take him on using his speed. If he were able to have outpaced the marker, we might have had a great many more scoring opportunities.
Recycling the ball when you can skin the defender does seem rather odd.

Question – is he really that pacey?

If he’s scared to make a mistake – then he must not be in the side. Forwards have to play the percentages if chances are to be made. Losing the ball up front occasionally whilst trying to mount an attack is just an occupational hazard.

Must now revert to the bench and learn that if he comes on as a sub, he will be required to make a difference. Continuity play is little use to a side not creating chances.