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A title that will never be taken from George Miller.

Telling you now Matt Bailey would have made him look like pele. Tomi Ameobi also took the worst shot I’ve ever seen away at Plymouth “live or on tv”.

Absolutely diabolical.

Miller was poor though to be fair.

What ironking needs to remember is that Scrimshaw was match fit and that was Jarvis first game in 9 months. I thought considering that he played bloody well, he won his fair share in the air and that touch when he killed the ball stone dead was sublime.

This is coming from somebody who’s absolutely hammered him as well. Even I was impressed at that effort he put in after all that time out. Jarvis to me looked like a tidy enough target man.

I was surprised when I read he’s only 23yr old, maybe there is a glimmer of hope there with him after all.

Lets see. It was only 1 game but if that’s his starting point after 9 months out, he’s undoubtedly going to be capable of more once match fit.

Least he’s at least somewhat proved he’s a viable option at the very least.