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I have not posted on the site for a while as i’am in totally at a loss to know what to say anymore! I try to be positive and we started to see some signs of green shots but then injuries come along and kill those off.

We just seen to lurch from one crisis after another wether it’s injuries, COVID, players not good enough, fans battling with the chairman, fans calling for the managers head and the list goes on.

All in all It’s a total mess right now with no end in sight! today the attendance will probably be ok as tranmere will bring a few but its catch 22 we need the fans to help the team but also the club and the players need to try to help the fans by going out and being the best they can on and off the pitch.

In supporting scunny for 47 years this is the lowest point I have ever been at, but I will be there today and all the other home games as it’s my home town club that need me.

So please show us some fight on and off the pitch to get back to those green shoots that will eventually lead to us being back together both on and off the pitch.

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