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Ironawe thanks you saw there was hardly anybody in there so you appreciate that what people said about not getting served was utter bollocks, this never ending beating the club over the head,don’t mind if it’s genuine but Saturdays photos show otherwise, of course unless you can see something different to me. And Pat shouting always seems to work for me in shops when there’s only 1 on a till while many filling shelves, I raise my voice and ask for service, after all without customers they won’t have a job and I do tell them so. Of course you can see they don’t like it but they get over it, Swannys Wilko’s used to be the worst, don’t get me wrong everyone will look at you but at least you get served (and so will they). The point of shouting is to get attention and to get served,after all I’m not asking for a favour they won’t improve if everyone let’s them get away with it. What is the steward going to do when called over Alcy when everyone backs me up. Unless of course they ARE serving everyone and doing their best.