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I predicted under 2,000 for the first game and happily, this did not occur as eventually, we began to bring some players in. The 31st May comment had been most deleterious to the club.
I know as an unchallengeable fact that hardcore supporters have been lost forever as they have felt so so let down over the last three seasons. The ones who had told me that they have given up – really have. Getting those on the fringes through the gates now looks extremely problematical.

I am not trying to stick the knife in here; I am just desperate to see the Iron succeed.
Indeed, I urge Iron supporters to give the new team as much of a chance as humanly possible over the coming weeks. Performances, more than ever before in the Iron’s history, will dictate the size of attendances. Goodwill is going to have to be recreated – it has not started well.